On Monday 9/12/05 I got this message from the city of Long Beach:

On Tuesday, September 13th at 1:30 p.m., an Antonov 124 aircraft, operated by Polet Airlines, is scheduled to arrive at Long Beach Airport from France carrying a satellite for Boeing Sea Launch. The very large Antonov 124 (second largest aircraft in use in the world) is scheduled to land on Runway 12, which runs southeast from Carson Street, in the opposite direction of the normal airline approach to Runway 30. Due to the size of the aircraft and the noise footprint, the arrival of this aircraft will be noticeable to residents and businesses in the surrounding area. After landing, the Inmarsat-4 communications satellite will be transported in its 18-foot wide shipping container from the Airport to Sea Launch facilities at the Port. The Antonov 124 will depart three days later and should be fairly light, carrying only the empty satellite shipping container. The aircraft will arrive and depart during daylight hours.

Click here for Antonov 124 SPECS

Notice the passenger planes in the background.

Yep! That's a Boeing C-17 on the left. Click here for C-17 TECH SPECS