On August 1, 2008 The US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle came in to LA Harbor escorted
by a regatta of US Coast Guard Auxiliary Facilities, fireboat, and recreational boats.
She stayed for three days and many in the Southland got to tour her.

Eagle in San Pedro

Figurehead - Real gold leaf

My Aunt Evie pays a visit and the weary tourguide

Welcome Aboard!
Guests touring the boat and a cadet stands by ready to answer tough questions about the boat

Galley. Notice the fresh shrimp from the last port of call, San Francisco

Pilot House is located just foward of the wheel. The line on the bell is one of two place on this boat where you will find a rope.

The wheel. Cable drive with 3 to 1 turning ratio.
When you need speed and accuracy in manuvering up to 6 people will steer
Chart Table for Navigation and Compass in the binnacle.

Aft Steering and the Captian's Coffin. Life Jackets in the lazarettes.
This is the fan tail area of the boat where the officers relax when off duty or on break.

Awards Wall

Hull Number 508 built by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg, Germany 1936
Original name Horst Wessel
FYI Blohm and Voss' next project was Hull #509, THE BISMARK

Commemoration of The Big Makeover